Contemporary Mexican Sculpture

The Vision of Four Artists


Aimed at presenting and promoting Mexican sculpture in the United Kingdom, the “Contemporary Mexican Sculpture” exhibition will be on display in London from July to December 2015, as part of the festivities commemorating the Mexico-United Kingdom Dual Year.


The sculptors Yvonne Domenge, Rivelino, Paloma Torres and Jorge Yazpik will be presenting recent large-scale works in stone, bronze and resin at the exhibition. These artists are all well known for their work in the field of visual arts and represent four ongoing generations of sculptors.


This is the first collective exhibition of large-scale Mexican sculpture to be held in London’s public spaces, in sites as emblematic as: Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf; King Charles Island, Trafalgar Sq., Trafalgar Square, in Westminster; Grosvenor Gardens, in Westminster; and One Canada Square, in Canary Wharf.


All four artists have undertaken important sculptural projects in public spaces: Yvonne Domenge has displayed her work in the United States, Canada and China, among other countries; Jorge Yazpik in Mexico and Germany; Paloma Torres in Switzerland, Qatar and Venezuela; and Rivelino in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and Russia, among other nations.


The overall project for the exhibition was proposed by Nuri Contreras Martret, Director of Art4; it was curated by Katrinka Wood, a specialist in Latin American art; financing was secured with the joint participation of Art4, the artists and Lodgeo.