Shadow and light make the millenary hardness apparent. Any restlessness in it could not be attributed to the secret of it´s spacial interior, or any other differentiated aspect; better yet, a resistance between the rugosity of the

stone itself and the precision of the geometric cuts by the hand of the sculptor, become movement. Movement that trascends the rhythm of the cuts or the sensuality of the rugosity, and that demonstrates aliveness in the

sculpture, that is to say, static, with a revealing behaviour. Like a being that replies to a glance, it´s restlessness is a never ending appearance, a placement. Here, light and shadow provoke a certain sensuality that is born

of detachment, that is to say, of the suggested form from the backlight. The stone ¨detaches¨ to the suggested shape: lightness that liberates, in potency.


The sculpture on display in London is a piece carved in volcanic stone that beckons us to view the origins and essence of what makes us human beings. The sculpture measures 1.80 x 1.40 x .70 metres and weighs 3 tons.

“My sculptures are an object that should not be idolised”

Jorge Yazpik